All our honeys are cold extracted.


The principle is natural and allows the conservation of enzymes (diastase) in they honey, they play a very important role in the digestion of food. 

Working at the temperature of the hive during summer gives a rich honey with multiple and complementary properties and retains its nutritional properties. 

Transhumance of our apiaries gives us a variety of honey: clover honey, lime, apple, raspberry, buckwheat, goldenrod, wild flowers and blueberries.

Note: Creamy honey available.


Miel Nature offers cold-extracted honey.
New products: 
  • Honey fir: available in 150g jars.
  • Honey lemon: available in 150g jars.
  • Honey lavander: available in 150g jars. 
  • caramel spread with maple syrup: available in 300g jars.
  • caramel spread with honey and whisky: available in 300g jars.
  • caramel spread with fleur de sel: available in 300g jars.
Liquid honey: available in formats of 150g, 500g, 1kg and 3kg.
Creamy honey: available in formats of 150g, 500g, 1kg and 3kg.
Tone Products:
  • Royal jelly: jars of 25 grams
  • Propolis : jars of 10 grams, liquid propolis (drops) with alcohol
  • Pollen of Quebec : jars of 340 grams, 454 grams (1 pound), 227 grams (1/2 pound)
  • Honey and eucalyptus propolis gum


Novelty Products all available in 150g. (125ml) and 300g. (250 ml) jars:
  • Honey fruit : oranges, cranberries, peaches and apricots
  • Honey mint
  • chocolate spread and honey
  • Spread caramel with honey and Rum
  • Honey lemon
  • Honey and caramel
  • Eucalyptus honey
  • Honey Vanilla
  • Honey cinnamon
  • Honey maple
  • Honey mustard
  • Relish Honey


Duo décoratif miel (au choix). Miel-mentheTrio

Miel liquide





Biostimulines products: 
  • Honey with almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts 
  • Honey and pollen 
  • Dressings: honey maple, balsamic and honey and raspberry and honey, orange and honey


Vinaigrette balsamiqueVinaigrette dans des bouteilles décoratives (Sirop d’Érable)Miel et amandesVinaigrette sirop d'érable et miel


  • Honey mustard, relish 
  • Honey soap 
  • Honey candy and eucalyptus with honey candy (new)
  • Jam with honey and raspberry
  • Bee wax and also bee wax blocks available by weight (weight/price)


Pot peint à la mainPot peint à la main