About us


The owners of Miel Nature inc. recipient for more than 232 medals, among the couples with the most medals in their area, for their remarkable creations.


The enterprise already existed in 1980 and in the year 2000 it was bought by Elena and Ali Agougou. The enterprise's specialty is the cold-extracted procedure which keeps the honey in its natural state and saves the enzymes that play an important role in digesting food. 

Presently, Miel Nature turns out 89 honey by-products and manages an apiary for 800 bee hives. To acquaint and simplify the understanding of bees, Miel Nature offers educational guided visits throughout the year. Equipped with a food and science of viniculture lab, Miel Nature offers information to enterprises who wish to develop and control the quality of new products.

All the recipes are carefully worked out within the enterprise : research and development are supervised by Mr. and Mrs. Agougou, Ph. D. in food chemistry and a diploma in food transformation.

Mr. Agougou is a member of l’Ordre des chimistes du Québec and holds two invention diplomas in nutrition. After obtaining his Ph. D. in 1985, he becomes consultant for the Office national des vins d’Algérie, conference master and director for the food research department.

He joins the Institut alimentaire de Moscou in 1991 for a postdoctoral training course. It’s during this training course that he and his wife Elena met.

In October 1997, the couple decided to move to Quebec for many different reasons, one being the French language, liberty in the administration of their business, the quality of life and respect of the environment. Mr. Agougou worked for different food enterprises for a while but he did not have the freedom to innovate so they made up their mind to buy a beekeeping enterprise. Indeed, Mr. Agougou comes from a family of beekeepers and has sufficient knowledge in that field to be in charge of an apiary.

Putting their scientific competence and food experience to good use, they develop unique honey products.

In the first year, they expand their apiary and develop their honey wine (with 25 flavours and 3 sparkling honey wines) and their oenological laboratory and food analysis. 

Miel Nature is proud to take part in nationnal and international competitions (over 232 medals) and promises to pursue its scientific beekeeping management so as to preserve the honey and by-products in their natural states.